Eclipse 2017 in Gallatin TN

Don't Fry Your Eyes

Gallatin TN is getting into high gear for the Eclipse 2017.  The location is Triple Creek Park for a community celebration, but many people are planning parties of their own to view the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. Authorities are expecting a huge crowd for the event.2017 Eclipse

Gallatin is sitting near dead center of the line for longest duration at 2 minutes 40 seconds.  This event will be something to tell your grandchildren about for years to come.

It's the first solar eclipse we've experienced in the United States in almost 40 years.  It happens when the Earth, Sun and Moon all perfectly line up.  The center line for this eclipse travels through 12 states in a 70 mile wide path...and, of course, the best views are at the center line.  Gallatin TN is on that center line and will experience totality for the full 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  Day will turn into night in Gallatin at about lunchtime.


But, make sure you do some research before Eclipse day arrives.  It's vitally important to supervise your children because if they don't observe the safety rules, their vision could be permanently damaged or they could be permanently blind. We all know how children can be - the smallest ones have no idea of the danger - and adolescent children believe nothing will ever happen to them.  So, it's up to us to make sure they stay safe during this time.  Please instruct them about the importance and keep them close to you during the short space of the eclipse time - making sure they keep their glasses on.  It's a recipe for serious eye damage if they look directly at the sun during this time.Path of Solar Eclipse over Gallatin TN

What is the importance of wearing solar glasses?  Can't we just use sunglasses? 

The solar glasses filter out the Solar UV and IR Radiation.  The only way to look at a partial or total eclipse is through special solar filters.  Never use sunglasses because they don't protect from the full spectrum of radiation.  Your eyes could feel comfortable when using dark sunglasses or homemade filters - but your retinas could be 'frying' without you feeling any pain.  Only later - when it's too late - would you realize that you now have blind spots in your eyes...or other serious eye damage.  It's just not worth it...for you or your children!!

Use Only Safe - Certified Solar Glasses

If this is like most everything else - there will be people selling sub-standard and poorly made glasses all over town.  But it's easy to find ones that are safe to use - they must be labeled that they meet ISO 2312-2 international standards for safe viewing of the sun.  Also - don't use a pair that is over 3 years old...or ones that are scratched or damaged in any way.  They're cheap - just buy new ones! 

Cameras?  Telescopes?  Binoculars?  NO-NO-NO - not unless they have a special solar filter at the large end.  This concentrated rays of the eclipse can damage both the camera and your eyes if you try this without that solar filter.  Never use any of this equipment if it only has a filter on the eyepiece.  There will be pictures all over the place after this event - so leave your camera at home and just enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle without thinking about fiddling with a camera.  Buy your pictures from someone with the equipment and know how to take them.

I will note that there is a window of few seconds that you can safely view the eclipse - when there is complete coverage of the sun.  But it's just not worth it to decide when this window opens and closes.  Wear your glasses - and make sure your children have their glasses on as well. 

Instructions are:  Stand still and put your glasses on BEFORE looking up at the sun.  Keep them on until you decide to take them off - then look back down and remove the glasses.  Don't put them on or take them off while looking up. 

This is an awesome once-in-a-lifetime event and we are fortunate to have the experience  - but all great things can carry danger along with them.  And I know you wouldn't want your children to miss it - but remember to supervise them and keep them safe! 

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