Gallatin & Hendersonville TN Real Estate MarketReportPicGallatin Gallatin TN Market Report - January, 2018
It’s a ‘Seller’s Market’ in Gallatin TN

We still have a strong ‘Seller’s Market’ in Gallatin TN Real Estate.  During January, 2018 – there were 73 properties sold with an average of 22 days on the market.  The median list price was $287,500 with a median sales price of $285,000.  This shows that homes are selling on average at 98% of their list price.  There are currently 224 available homes on the market – which indicates a 3.07 month absorption rate.  It remains a strong Seller’s Market in Gallatin, Tennessee.  Here’s a quick look at the figures:Gallatin & Hendersonville TN Real Estate MarketReportG Gallatin TN Market Report - January, 2018

What Does a ‘Seller’s Market’ Mean to You?

It means that there’s not much negotiating room when you are buying!  Homes sell fast when the inventory is low – and when you see a property that you want – it’s a good idea to buy it without delay!

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Gallatin Condo & Townhome Sales – January, 2018

There were 3 condos sold during the month of January, 2018.  The average list price for these homes was $246,267 – with an average sales price of $242,467.  Again, about a 98% ratio of list price to sales price!   These condos sold on average in 18 days on the market, and reflects a sales price of $139,07 per s.f.


Lakefront Home Sales – January 2018

There were 3 lakefront homes closed during January.  The average list price was $874,930 – with an average sales price of $807,633.  This reflects a ratio of approximately 92% of list price to actual sales price.  Average days on the market was 39 – with a sales price per s.f. of $183.41.





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Gallatin & Hendersonville TN Real Estate GallHend-Comparison-10-yr Gallatin TN Market Report - January, 2018
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