Nashville Realtors

As Nashville Realtors...This is What We Do and How We Do It!

I'm not sure about working with other Nashville Realtors, but I can tell you what I personally do to help you find the right home at the right price.  Lisa and I work really hard to make sure your home buying experience is smooth and trouble-free.  We are also Gallatin TN Realtors and Hendersonville TN Realtors - and here's our process:

Why You Need Us...First and foremost - We never put ourselves or you into a 'facilitator' situation.  In this manner, we are free to represent you and only YOU!  100% of the time!

  • Then we start the process with having a discussion with you about your needs and expectations in finding your new home.
  • We research listings and send them to you and make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Because we're currently in a really hot market, we set  you up on an automatic listing alert so that you will have any brand new listing of any Nashville Realtor within your search criteria - immediately!  And when you see a listing that might be the 'one' - we will make arrangements to see it at your earliest convenience.   OR if you live out of town, we will personally preview the property and give you an honest opinion of the condition, layout, etc.  We will also take additional photos and send them to you (providing the listing Realtor and seller gives us permission). 
  • Our opinion will be honest and informative.  We look for any 'red flags' and bring them to your attention.  This can be in the condition of the house - or anything in the neighborhood that would be detrimental to the value of the property.  I previewed a house a couple of years ago - one that really looked good in the photos.  But, the county dump was a mile down the road.  You wouldn't want to cook out if the wind was blowing in your direction!  We look for these kind of things because we don't want any unwelcome surprises.
  • We provide you with 'comps' - comparables that appraisers use to determine the value.  These are homes sold by all area Nashville Realtors.  This helps us when preparing an offer for the house. 
  • We run a flood search for you - not only for any issues with the property itself - but for any potential flooding of the street or roads that would present a problem getting in and out of the area.   This is important to know - and also because carrying flood insurance can be very expensive. 
  • We research and provide you with the tax records - so you can see some of the history of the property.  We take a look to see how long it's been on the market - and if there are previous listings that we need to know about.  All these things can affect our offer price.
  • We research and provide any HOA documents so that there are no surprises after you close and move in.
  • We prepare all the documents required for the sale and transfer of the property.
  • We negotiate the terms of the contract to make sure we have done everything possible for you to have the best price and terms. 
  • We negotiate any repairs from the home inspection and make sure you have all the invoices for work performed...before closing.
  • As Nashville Realtors, we typically don't get involved in your finances.  However, we help you find the best  financing for your situation, and work closely with the loan originator to insure a smooth and timely closing.
  • We will have recommended home inspectors - although we want you to be aware that you can use anyone you choose - or not have an inspection at all.  But, we always recommend having one.
  • We always ask for a 1-year home warranty and arrange for the termite inspection.
  • We stay with you during every step of the transaction...and arrange a final walk through to make sure all is well before going to the closing table.
  • And we're there for any issues that come up after closing.

Here's a another quote - this one from the International Real Estate Directory "Agency and True Agents"..."A True Agent is one who provides 100% loyalty to his/her clients 100% of the time.  No dual agency; no 'designated agency', no 'transaction brokerage', no 'Chinese walls', no weasel clauses."

We're a different breed of Nashville Realtors!   Our main focus is providing you with the best possible service without the conflict of interest that most agents have.  We hope you can see that we love what we do.  Please call or contact us today.  You can reach me at 615-428-8500 or Lisa at 615-478-7591.  We so look forward to hearing from you!